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We offer diagnostics services using the most modern state-of-the-art equipment for you and your family.


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What We Do

Clinical Chemistry

We conduct a range of diagnostic tests and procedures that analyze biological samples such as blood, urine and other body fluids...


We analyze and test hormone levels in a patient's blood or urine. These tests can help diagnose endocrine disorders such as hormone imbalances, diabetes, thyroid problems...


We conduct a variety of tests designed to monitor an individual's immune function, such as autoimmune disorders, allergies, infections and other conditions that affect the immune system...


We analyze and interpret blood samples. This includes the examination of the cellular and plasma components of blood as well as the diagnosis of various blood disorders and diseases...


We examine tissues and cells from a patient's body to diagnose diseases or monitor their treatment. Our Histopathology services include preparing tissue samples for examination and analyzing them...

Medical Microbiology

Our services include culturing microorganisms from patients samples, testing for drug resistance and analyzing the results to guide the appropriate treatment plan...


We conduct tests to detect, measure and analyse antibodies in a patients blood. These tests are used to diagnose various disesaes such as viral infections, autoimmune disorders...


We identify and detect parasites in body fluids (blood & urine, stool and tissue samples). These services may also include testing for the presence of parasitic infections...

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